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Why Choose Franchise India Brands?

Expert Advice: An expert opinion and the ability to choose the best option available.

More Options: Capability to reach thousand of buyers

Valuation Services: If valuations are done by a credible agency; it increases the value of the business in the eyes of potential buyers and thereby increases the likelihood of sale. And FI provides Franchise India certified valuation for all businesses

Other Reasons: To save time & focus on other business; to avoid the searching effort. Legal aspect could also be there, i.e., timely settlement, documentation & handover of business.

Reason for Selling a Business

Capital Crunch: Lack of capital to fund the continued operations of the business. It may happen that your planning didn't go well as planned and you are in a position that you can't even fund the continued operations of the business and there is a situation of bankruptcy.

Strategic Reason: When selling a business, you want to sell because you want to pursue a different opportunity, for e.g.: if someone wants to concentrate more on the core business and wants to sell-off the non-core business from which they can't leverage the resources.

Exit Strategy: You are ready to move on from your small business and want to establish a new bigger business. Having an exit strategy worked out in advance gives the buyera chance to maximize your profits and make the selling deal a success.

Market Saturation: It may happen that the market is changing in a way that will make the firm's offerings obsolete or less desirable. So, the business performance in the coming years might not be printable.

Management Issues: Many times it happens that the business owners are incapable of running a business due to the lack of management knowledge and capabilities.

Retirement: Increasingly retirement is becoming a very common reason for selling of business, especially small businesses if the second generation is not keen to continue the business.

Strong Buyer's Interest: Unimaginably high price offered by the buyer and the revenue of that magnitude may not be achieved in the coming years, may become a reason for the seller to sell-off the business.

Partnership/Family Disputes: There might be some disputes at the partnership end or may be a family dispute in case of the family-owned business, which can be a problem for the business to be continued and managed efficiently.

To Raise Capital to Start/Buy Another Business: The buyer may be interested in investing in some other booming industry, where he can foresee higher returns. Excitement to start a new venture, where the interest of the seller lies is another reason to sell-off the current business.

Leveraging the Goodwill: Here the business on sale might be in the matured phase, and can be an excellent sell-off. In this case the seller's expectation is to leverage the brand equity built in a certain period.

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