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Marketing Conclave: Licensing Can Help!' Gathered Experts Under One Roof To Confer On Marketing Strategies With Brand Licensing

|Licensing in India on the rise, to be valued at US$500 million in 5 years to come |

Conference I Networking Night
May 6th, 2011 I Tivoli Daffodil Hotel, New Delhi
The initiative of License India in a forum format, 'Marketing Conclave: Licensing Can Help!' which was held on Friday, May 6th, 2011 at Tivoli Daffodil Hotel at New Delhi, saw marketers from across the industries, understand and comprehend 'Licensing' in multiple genres for product, promotional and brand. This event was supported by International Licensing Industry Merchandisers' Association (LIMA) with Bradford License India as the knowledge partner.

Today, Licensing is relatively a new concept in India and is at a nascent stage. While the figures are miniscule compared to other international markets, India is fast establishing itself as a strong potential market in the future world of licensing. Elaborating further, Mr. Gaurav Marya, President, License India said, 'Brand extensions are flourishing for a number of reasons. More and more companies today, realize that one of their most valuable assets is the brand and not just their technology or other tangible assets. A strong brand commands loyalty, emotions, preference and associative powers, which are hard to duplicate by the competition. The brand is the USP for many products today. Also, in the much cluttered marketplace, where it is very expensive and time consuming to get brand recognition and brand affinity, many companies choose brand extension licensing to launch new products, by leveraging the power of existing strong brands.'

Some of the key note speakers included Martin Brochstein (SVP industry Relations & Information, LIMA, USA), Rob Ridder (Partner, Bradford Licensing LLC, USA), Jiby George (COO, Dream Theatre), Rahul Gambhir (Director- Licensing, Tommy Hilfiger), Ashish Kulkarni (CEO, Big Animation ' A Reliance Big Entertainment Group Company), Atulit Saxena (COO ' Brands Future Brands Ltd), Pankaj Sikka (Manager ' Brand Licensing, Bioworld), Dimpy Mohanty (Founding Partner, LexCounsel, Law Offices), Tushar Chawla (Partner, Economic Laws Practice).
Many consumer products marketers believe that the brand has become more important than ever before and many a time, the only differentiator in many product categories. Brands with strong consumer recognition, relevance and loyalty have been successfully extended into new product categories. In fact, for years, brand extension licensing has been used as a strategy to generate revenues. But today, the scenario is changing, with more focus on other benefits that a carefully crafted licensing program can deliver, apart from just royalty revenues. Commenting further, Mr. Rahul Gambhir, Director ' Licensing, Tommy Hilfiger said 'Only if handled right, Licensing is a low cost and high gain prospect. A right partner, right category, right time, right pricing, and right controls makes a successful model. The opportunities in licensing are limitless. We have only seen a trailer in India.'
Added, Mr. Jibi George, Chief Operating Officer of Dream Theater, 'The key to success in Licensing is that the product must bring the brand and property alive. Therefore it is important to identify brand attributes, understand target audience, map''''''''''''''' product categories, ensure balance of core and secondary categories while working with key retail for creating the right retail environment.'
'The next big leap in marketing strategies is brand extensions which are seen as an excellent strategy to enhance and reinforce existing brand equity. Typically, a licensee benefits from the popularity of a particular brand. However, there is also a reciprocal benefit that the licensor receives from the advertising and promotional support by the licensees. Licensing revenues can soon become the most profitable revenues of the company. Because the investment in building the brand has already occurred, there are few additional costs associated with putting forth a licensing program. As a result, a high percentage of revenue is pure profit.' opined Ms. Michelle Minieri, President, Bradford License India.
To add to this, Mr. Martin Brochstein, SVP industry Relations & Information, LIMA, USA, said 'Over the last few years, we have seen a lot of change in the Indian licensing industry. India, once a closed market, today, has a foray of international and strong local brands to choose from. Today, we have celebrities and properties who have become licensors ' Harbhajan Singh with his very own chain of restaurant and IPL team such as Kings XI Punjab with their own range apparels. Licensing is no longer limited to character licensing in India.
The licensing industry in India has gained substantial momentum now. The licensors, for sure, stand to gain the maximum, but this has also opened doors for others in the value chain, like independent licensing agents, retailers, advertisers, consumer products manufacturers and distributors.'
The conclave also saw the display of the product lines available for licensing from various known brands such as Me to You, Pepsi, Donald J Trump, University of Oxford, Pampered Girls, Teletubbies, Guinness World Records, Zorro to name a few.
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About Organizer - License India

License India, a division of Franchise India Group, is India's first licensing media services company formed with the objective to increase awareness and support the growth of licensing in the country. Being the knowledge centre, the vertical comprises of India's leading licensing opportunity publication Brand Licensing, the portal and business-to business licensing shows encapsulating the conferences & workshops, expositions, awards & recognitions. Well supported by LIMA, License India excels in the licensing space with its strategic and knowledge based verticals.

About LIMA ' Licensing Industry Merchandisers' Association

Founded in 1985, LIMA is the worldwide trade organization for the licensing industry. LIMA's main objective is to work together with licensors and licensees for the advancement of professionalism in licensing through research, national and international seminars, trade events and publications. With members in 35 countries, LIMA has offices in New York (headquarters), Hong Kong, London, Munich, Shanghai and Tokyo, and representatives in Croatia (covering Central and Eastern Europe), India, Italy, and Spain (covering Spain and Portugal). LIMA members enjoy access to a wide variety of activities, information and benefits, such as networking events, educational seminars and webinars, research and news reports, and business discounts.

LIMA is a proud sponsor of the annual Licensing International Expo, Brand Licensing Europe, LIMA Licensing Market (Munich), Day of Licensing (Cologne), Licensing Asia (Tokyo), Shanghai Licensing Pavilion, Dubai Character Fair, Seoul Character Fair and the Hong Kong Licensing Show. In addition, LIMA offers ways to jump start a career in licensing through its Certificate in Licensing Studies (CLS) program, which is the only educational course specifically designed to prepare professionals to succeed in the ever-changing licensing industry, and the FLIP (Future LIMA Industry Professionals) program offering support and networking for industry newcomers.

About Bradford License India
India's first complete licensing solution provider formed with the objective to increase awareness and support the growth of licensing in the country. Being a part of both Bradford Licensing LLC and Franchise India Group, it brings the expertise of over 25 years in the licensing industry and over 12 years within India in marketing, events, brand development, opportunity identification, and business matching and consulting.' Bradford License India services includes License Program Advisory Services, Licensee Prospecting, Licensee Management, Media Services and Integrated Supporting' Services. Some of the properties represented by BLI: Tin Tin, Men In Black, Teletubbies, Trump, PepsiCo, Marilyn Monroe by Sam Shaw, Beverly Hills, Santa Barbara Polo Club, Pampered Girls and Guinness World Records among others.

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